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Who is Rowdy Rooster Co?

Raised under country sunshine in Acton, Ca. 

After nearly ten years of military service and thirteen years of marriage, we knew our steps were being aligned for something different. We wanted to slow down and live a life as God intended. We wanted our girls to grow up away from the unhealthy changes we saw in our society. A place they could run on acreage and have their own horses.

What started as a ranch home for our family to escape suburban life, we quickly realized was becoming so much more. We saw the opportunity to provide food for our family that wasn't subjected to commercial processes. We saw an opportunity to control our health and remove ourselves from a system that no longer aligned with our morals.

We began with our first pair or Red Wattle pigs. Our dear friends lived locally and raised Red Wattles on their family farm. Our butcher came to our ranch to process them six months later. From birth to harvest, we literally oversaw and could control the process- both physically and ethically.

From that moment on, we decided to never let an opportunity to do better pass us by. 

We now have raised pork for numerous families, raised and butchered hundreds of chickens, and thousands of pounds of prime quality Angus beef. We have spent countless hours milking our A2 Jerseys and Nigerian Dwarf goats. We have poured ourselves into making quality goat milk products, and prayed over every step along the way.

I created this space so that every person who is referred to us can get a feeling for WHO Rowdy Rooster Ranch is. So when someone buys a bar of soap, they know who's dreams they are supporting. When they purchase a ranch product, they can have confidence in knowing the moral and ethical standards were never compromised. 

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